In my research, I examine how communication and interaction networks influence perceptions, behavior, and decision-making in a variety of social settings including online communication platforms, markets, and social movements. As such, my research sits at the intersection of medical, cultural, political, and economic sociology.

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Co-prescription Networks and Opioid Drug Abuse

I am currently working as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow as a part of a collaborative research team, with Drs. Brea L. Perry, Bernice Pescosolido, Byungkyu Lee (BK), Hank Green, Yong-Yeol(YY) Ahn and Brian Aronson, also with Kai-Cheng Yang and Patrick Kaminski. Through multiple research projects, our work investigates doctor shopping behavior among prescription drug users via co-prescription networks and illustrates doctor shopping as a key indicator of prescription drug abuse.

Cultural Interaction and Community Membership

In this project I investigate how an individual’s positioning in the cultural space impacts the way other members of the community perceive them. Co-cultural affiliation networks is used in the literature to measure cultural omnivorousness, in other words, whether individuals affiliate themselves with atypical sets of cultural interests. While empirical analyses frequently rely on survey data, surveys do not provide information on other the community members’ perception of the participant based on their positioning in the cultural structure. Therefore, I use large-scale communication data from a popular discussion and news aggregation website, Reddit.

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