Social Movements and Collective Action

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Course Description

This course is organized to cover widely known social movements not only as historical stories but also through a theoretical lens, which allows us to understand the dynamics of social movements: how they appear, in which circumstances they appear, and what the characteristics of these movements are. If social movements are efforts of collectives to ??change the world??, our objective here is to learn how this change starts and evolves. Learning expectations and goals of this class are the following: (1) Learning major social movement theories within the field of sociology, (2) Learning how to apply the knowledge gained in this class to the current events and debates, and (3) Improving abilities for demonstrating critical thinking skills, complex reasoning and written communication skills.

Selected Student Comments

  • I liked learning about social movements. I think it is especially important information to know today.

  • This is the only class out of 5 classes this semester that I felt like I wasn??t teaching myself. I actually felt the presence of an instructor. She went over and beyond and put in significant effort with making lecture videos to discuss difficult concepts. I am so very appreciative of this class and this instructor.

  • Very organized checklist! Everything is laid out so we know exactly where to jump in :) The movies were also spot on selections and I felt impacted to know more about social movements!

  • I really liked the documentaries we watched which were very inspiring and educational.