Sociology of Higher Education

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Course Description

Higher education is a key component of our lives, yet with the increase of education costs and increasing level of unemployment among college graduates, what the goals of higher education should be and to what extent college education benefit their graduates while they transition out of college became a heated debate. This class will contribute to our understanding of what higher education is, how students are selected to institutions of higher education, whether everyone has equal access to college, at what cost students receive their education, and how they transition from college to the job market.

Selected Student Comments

  • I learned a lot about higher education and some of the issues surrounding it. I really liked the discussion about if/how colleges should prepare students for the labor force.

  • Really enjoyed each weeks readings and lecture. The voicethread lecture helped engage me and allowed me to better understand the material, as the readings could be sometimes difficult for me to comprehend.

  • You can tell she really cared about the students and enjoyed hearing our feedback on the topics discussed. I also enjoyed how each assignment I submitted she would immediately give me insightful comments and I really appreciated her input on my thoughts as it made it easier to digest the material. Truly enjoyed this class.

  • Great course. It really went into depth and covered most areas of Higher Education.